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All Workshop’s Led by Certified Instructional Trainers (CIT) from BCSP

(13 Live Sessions + Recorded Videos + Workbook + Premium Membership to Be Safe’s LearnHub + Interactive Modules + Complimentary Calculator )

BCSP Certifications Be Safe Ltd.

A Full Proof Online Tutorial Prepared by Certified Safety Professionals (CSP)

Ultimate CSP / ASP Preparation Guideline Tutorial for HSE Professionals

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The tutorial provides comprehensive information about ASP & CSP certification preparation. It helped me planning my learning journey.

BCSP Certifications Be Safe Ltd.

1 Year Experience

ASP Preparation​

Demonstrates a broad scope of knowledge in HSE practice and serves as one of several qualifying credentials required for the CSP.

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BCSP Certifications Be Safe Ltd.

4 Years Experience + ASP or equivalent

CSP Preparation​​

The premier certification in the safety profession, covering a wide range of safety, health, and environmental HSE practice disciplines.

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Students Testimonials

The ASP preparation workshop course open up my mind on a new way of thinking and considering myself as HSE professional. It’s a definite course for each HSE professional​
Reham MohamedHSE Manager, Shell
Reham Mohamed
This workshop contained a lot of useful information necessary for the success of the Safety Professionals (ex. Economic part…etc). It is considered as way to measure our current knowledge and to get more exposure with other safety professionals…This was a BACK TO BASICS refreshing step as well as a way forward to continue our Learning Process so as to excel in Safety Management…! I enjoyed such session a lot…and I advise all Safety Professionals to go through such an experience.
Ahmed HamdyHSE & Industrial Risk Manager
Ahmed Hamdy
The unique experience I gained from the ASP preparation workshop made it easy for me to know what gaps I have and how to strengthen my knowledge via lots of good resources in order to pass the ASP exam easily.
Ramy ShadadEH&S Site Lead, Air Products​
Ramy Shadad
It was a great workshop for me to identify my strengths and weaknesses in order to start my journey with the ASP and CSP certifications. Also the wide transferable knowledge and experience of the instructor and the group members has a great impact on changing my way of thinking towards the safety profession.
Mahmoud AbdelrahmanHSE Manager, Ideal Standard
Mahmoud Abdelrahman

Our Exam Preparation Workshops

(13 Live Sessions + Recorded Videos + Workbook + Premium Membership to Be Safe’s LearnHub + Interactive Modules + Complimentary Calculator )

Workshop’s Led by BCSP’s Certified Instructional Trainers

BCSP Certifications Be Safe Ltd.


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