CSP, Associate Safety Professional Exam Prep Workshop + Exam Product description

☑ 1500+ of questions covering all domains

☑ 800+ Flashcard

☑ Live & Recorded Webinars.

☑ CSP Study Groups.

☑ Special Support for GSP & TSP 

☑ Suggested resources and study Ref

☑ Monthly Practice Session

☑ Scientific Games

☑ Calculator Simulator (On Screen)

☑ Real Exam User Interface Simulator

☑ UNLIMITED access to CSP knowledge gap analysis

Exam Bundle (Application Fees + Set for Exam Fees) paid for BCSP.

Our team will provide support to help you complete your application and become approved by BCSP.
Note: We provide this service on behalf of our candidates. You can enroll and pay for the exam application and exam fees by yourself at BCSP website any time.

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