To ensure employees have a safe workplace, your company is required to provide electrical safety training to employees who face a risk of electrical hazards that is not reduced to a safe level by the applicable electrical installation requirements

NFPA 70E (Arc Flash Training) Must Include:

  1. Specific hazards associated with electrical energy.
  2. Safe work practices and procedures necessary to provide protection from electrical hazards associated with jobs or tasks.
  3. Identification of the relationship between electrical hazards and possible injury.

If there is a major, recent change in the way your workforce operates or interacts with electrical equipment or power generation devices, safety professionals have to make changes to protect the workforce, accordingly.

If supervision or annual inspections indicate that employees are not complying with the safety-related work practices, retaining, or refresher training, is then required. Retraining is also required if new technology, equipment types, or changes in processes alter the safe work practices, or if workers must employ safe work practices that are not normally used during regular job duties.

Also, for tasks performed less than once a year, retraining is required before employees go back in the field for the performance of related work.

For example, NFPA 70E 110.2 (E) states employers must document that each employee has received the training required for qualified and unqualified employees.

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