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NSC Defensive Driving Training

​Be Safe Ltd. is a certified training center by NSC, the global leader in driver instruction courses.

Be Safe Ltd. offers NSC Defensive Driving Programs, The international driver safety programs directly and through our local partners in EMEA. We customize programs to match different environments, vehicles and languages.

Traffic incidents kill more than 1.3 million people a year; more than 80% of injuries and fatalities are due to driver behavior. The DDC programs change driver attitudes and behaviors.

We deliver our driver safety programs around the world to:

  • Corporate sales/service fleets
  • Driving schools
  • Government and law enforcement agencies
  • Schools and universities
NSC DDC, NSC Defensive Driving

Our NSC certified experts assess your fleet safety systems, find gaps in driver skills and identify risks. NSC has been recognized as the expert in reducing motor vehicle crashes while setting the standards in driver improvement training:

  • More than 70 million drivers trained
  • 3,000 training centers worldwide.
  • 8,800 certified instructors worldwide.
  • Watch a Video Segment from one of our Defensive Driving Course, DDC

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