Arc Flash Management

​Be Safe Ltd. is provide expert consultancy and advice services for organization and concerned with the safe management of Arc Flash risk and all associated risks with electrical work activities.

Whether you own or lease a business facility, or want to learn about the life-threatening risk of arc flash and how to safely control it, we explain everything you need to know.

Arc flash (often called a flashover) is a type of electrical explosion or discharge that results from a connection through air to ground or another voltage phase in an electrical system. For example, when a wire makes contact with an earthed system. Temperatures at the source of an arc flash can reach 20,000 °C — around four times the surface of the sun.

Arc flash

Injuries can include external burns (i.e. severe burns to the skin), internal burns and intoxication from inhaling hot gasses and vaporized metal, hearing damage, eye damage and blindness from the ultraviolet light of the flash as well as many other devastating injuries.

How Be Safe Ltd Can Help Managing your Arc Flash Risk?

Arc Flash Management Be Safe Ltd.
  • Arc Flash Assessment Studies
  • Identify and prioritize the risk control measures to optimize cost/benefit considerations.
  • High Quality ARC Label for Panels
  • Arc Flash Trainings
  • Arc’s PPE Selection
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