Hazard Communication Awareness (HazCom/GHS) for All Industries

In the event of any hazardous situation, employees and employers must be prepared to handle the event effectively and in the safest possible manner. This requires strict adherence to the HazCom and GHS standards established by OSHA to provide every worker with critical safety information.

Hazard Communication Awareness (HazCom/GHS) for all Industries ensures that course participants are aware of fundamental hazard communication principles and is drawn from the most recent updates to OSHA standards to help ensure compliance.

Hazard Communication Awareness (HazCom/GHS) for All Industries is appropriate for all employers and employees with a potential for exposure to hazardous chemicals and substances during the course of their job duties in most industries, including:

  • General industry
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Facility Management
  • Transportation services

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